SwiftHR® in-a-box

SwiftHR® in-a-box offers small and early-stage companies instant access to forms, policies, procedures, and regulations needed to ensure compliance and best practices are in place and met.

"SwiftHR®-in-a-box...It's incredibly impressive with a huge amount of information!"
Todd Schwartz, Co-Founder

Everything you need to ensure your company has a solid HR foundation as you grow your revenue and your team.
  • Complete hiring, recruitment, and interview guide to attract the best talent.
  • Employee communications materials offering the professionalism of a larger company.
  • An orientation program to start each member of the team off right.
  • An Employee Handbook or Guide to let the entire company know what to expect and is expected.
  • Performance Management guidelines and templates to keep the team motivated.
  • A complete HR Library full of necessary forms, checklists, templates, and more.
  • Easy web access to all SwiftHR® in-a-box contents.
  • Ongoing telephone and email support.
  • Regular, comprehensive updates help ensure state and federal compliance are met and costly litigation avoided.
  • A complete Users Guide provides an HR tutorial. 
  • A subscription model payment plan that helps you preserve capital.
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