Swift HR Solutions is on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List

Swift HR Solutions is on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List


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A Taxonomy of Troublemakers for Those Navigating Difficult Colleagues

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Wanted: Cybersecurity professionals to protect data

"HR professionals like Lorraine Gauvin, a managing partner with Swift HR Solutions, says she has her work cut out for her when it comes to finding and placing cybersecurity talent. Swift has worked with several security-focused clients in recent years, and Gauvin says "they took off like wildfire."

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The Value of EQ...even for engineers

The Value of EQ…even for engineers

By Melanie Vargas

President / Swift HR Solutions, Inc.

According to the World Economic Forum's "Why you ... Continue Reading »

Tech's Damaging Myth of the Loner Genius Nerd

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HR for Startups

Hear Shannon Swift, Founder and CEO of Swift HR Solutions talk about HR for startups on the Law of Startups' podcast at


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The Law of Startups Podcast: Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider chat with Shannon Swift, the CEO and Founder of Swift HR Solutions.


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Five Top Benefits of Gratitude in Business

Gratitude Challenges are popular year-round, and especially during the month of November, when we celebrate our national Thanksgiving holiday. It can be tempting to gloss over or ignore the far-reaching benefits of gratitude when you're focused on making your numbers and planning for next year's growth. However, from brain ... Continue Reading »

4 common mistakes companies make in leadership development

Leadership is the biggest talent issue today, according to a survey from Deloitte.

The survey revealed that only 13 percent of companies do an excellent job of developing leaders at all levels. Advancement opportunities ... Continue Reading »

Escape Velocity and Micromanagement

Escape Velocity and Micromanagement by Delise Crimmins

One of the biggest complaints I hear employees cite about managers is that they over manage an employee's tasks, or micromanage. When I hear that concern, I immediately ask what the manager is doing to make an employee feel micromanaged. Most managers who are accused of this ... Continue Reading »

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