SwiftLeadership™ Development Workshops

Our clients are growing and changing constantly. In response to this dynamic environment, we are excited to launch SwiftLeadership™ Development.   

Leaders at all levels struggle in creating the delicate balance between managing activities and leading people. SwiftLeadership™ allows organizations to custom-select those pieces of information critical to the success of their employees.  Whether you're an executive who needs to refresh some of your management skills or a lead who recently moved into management, we've put together a series of courses that are ideal for you!

Why attend our SwiftLeadership™ Workshops?

  • We provide simple, practical, affordable tools to teach managers at all levels how to be more effective leaders.
  • In addition to receiving ongoing development, you'll also have the opportunity to network with leaders from other emerging growth companies on a regular basis. 
  • Classes will be limited to 20 participants to ensure effective interaction.


2017 SwiftLeadership™ Development Workshop Schedule

Location: Mercer Island Community Center 

Time:  All workshops will take place from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Our October 20th workshop is SOLD OUT!  Stay tuned for our 2018 workshop schedule as we will be accepting registrations for the January 2018 workshop soon.   Thank you for your interest!

There are currently no events.

New Manager Development

This workshop is designed for a newly promoted manager or managers and/or leads with little management experience. Often times, employees are promoted to managers because they have the technical skills to be successful in their position.  Subsequently, they are not given the tools to be effective as a leader and a manager. Our workshop covers interactive behaviors as a peer and how those behaviors change in a management role.  This interactive workshop will provide you with the tools to better manage, as well as teach you how to better communicate upwards and with direct reports.

Leading with Integrity

In order to build trust and loyalty within an organization, leaders at all levels must demonstrate integrity and build an integrity-based culture.  In this workshop you will learn the three rules of integrity and explore the relationship between integrity and company values.  You will leave this workshop with practical tools that will help you ensure that integrity is lived and breathed throughout your organization.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication, miscommunication and/or the lack of communication is at the root of many roadblocks to organizational and personal development.  This workshop reviews the fundamentals of effective communication through experiential learning, discussion, and practice, and will help you to problem-solve specific communication problems and eliminate some of the corporate struggles we all face as leaders.

Delivering Difficult Information

One of the most difficult tasks any leader faces is delivering difficult information.  Managers often avoid those discussions that are most critical to the development of their team members. In this workshop you will learn how to conduct these very important but challenging conversations effectively, and to the benefit of your employees, teams, and company.

Understanding Conflict Resolution Styles

Conflict is inevitable in the corporate environment.  Effective leaders must be able to anticipate, negotiate and affect positive outcomes when conflict arises.  This workshop will familiarize you with the different styles people use when faced with conflict.  You will learn to better understand your own natural conflict-resolution style and to recognize the styles of others.  You will emerge from the workshop better equipped to drive any conflicts that arise to successful resolution.

Multigenerational Workforce

For the first time in the nation's history, four generations are working side by side in the workplace.   How do we keep our team working together, in the same direction, while trying to balance a generation gap of more than 50 years between the oldest and youngest employees?  This workshop focuses on the defining characteristics of each generation, and how we can increase our likelihood of productive harmony as combine the new with the more seasoned workforce.

Managing Change

As our organizations grow and evolve, many employees are left with a sense of "what was" without understanding how to cross over into "what is." This results in employee turmoil and turnover, and delays the return to a state of productivity.  The gap between where we were and where we are can create cultural problems for the organization and leadership challenges for leaders.  In this workshop, you will come to better understand the human experience associated with change and learn strategies to help move employees more quickly through the change cycle.

Motivation and Coaching

Great leaders recognize the benefits of effective coaching, including high levels of productivity, employee engagement, and employee retention.  Effective coaching is a continual process that involves understanding how to engage employees at different levels, understanding different styles, and also how to use coaching as a tool to motivate our employees toward optimal performance.  During this workshop, you will strengthen your skills as a coach throughout the lifecycle of each employee and learn how to motivate your employees to perform to their highest potential.

Employment Lifecycle v. Employment Law

This attorney-led workshop focuses on how employment laws affect the decisions we make as managers and leaders.  We will follow the employment lifecycle, reviewing the applicable federal and state laws and regulations that apply at each step, along with recent updates impacting the employment relationship.  This is a very interactive workshop, where questions and real-life scenarios are welcome.  You will not be an employment law attorney when you complete this workshop, but you will recognize when you may need to call one!

Effective and Values-Based Hiring

Hiring a new employee is one of the most important decisions a leader can make.  Hiring mistakes can have a devastating impact on the organization in terms of lost time, negative impact on the team, lack of productivity/missed deadlines and opportunities, and excessive costs (legal, recruiting, etc.).  Whether you're a CEO or a line-level manager, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need in order to ensure a positive hiring outcome while integrating company values into the hiring process.